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Don't Purchase E-mail Lists

Why You Shouldn't Purchase E-mail Lists.

Lets start by asking the question, what makes a person want to buy e-mail lists? The answer is most likely related to the need of wanting to get their brand or message in front of as many people possible. Okay... under

standable. Let me ask you this... have you ever seen the same tv commercial over and over again about something you never would be interested in? Most likely you have. Just because you have seen the commercial 100 times, does not mean you are more apt to buy their product. You may have a strong awareness on your product, but that does not mean you will have a strong response. E-mail marketing is the same way. You need to capture peoples e-mails that are interested in your particular product or service. Subscribers are going to be more likely to respond to your marketing material and eventually buy something from you than unsubscribers (purchased lists).

Instead of buying 1000 emails, a better option would be to start creating material people are interested in. Get them to subscribe to your material and then wallah, those are good leads. It would be better to have 5 high quality emails, then 1000 emails of uninterested recipients. Before we get into reasons not to purchase e-mail lists, lets list some ways you can acquire high quality ones.

How To Get Subscribers

There are several unique ways you can get people to subscribe. A couple are not even online! Instead of rambling on I have created a list of ideas below on how you can get subscribers.

1.) Run a contest via online or at a physical location (trade shows). Require their name and email.

2.) Start a Youtube channel and create short high quality videos on a specific topic. (try to stay around 1:30)

3.) Start a blog and place subscribe buttons onto your website and all your other social media sites

4.) Eccomerce companies can use their customers e-mails from checkouts. Make sure you require them to enter their email before they can purchase a product.

5.) If you are a company with more than 1 person, make sure all your employees are subscribed to your blog

6.) Start a monthly newsletter and ask for people to subscribe on your website

Those are just a few of the ideas I have used in the past. My favorite are the ones at the trade shows. If you are holding a contest, try to make sure these customers are interested in you product. At least have a conversation with them before they enter their name into the basket.

3 Quick Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy E-mail Lists


It's bad to buy a list of e-mail subscribers and to be marketing to people that don't have any interest in your product. What is even worse, is if you having original opt-in subscribers mixed in with your purchased list. Now you have no idea which e-mails are your true customers. Personalizing you emails are very important. How can you be personal with prospects you know nothing about.


Several e-mail clients prompt you with a warning that they do not allow purchased lists. You say "so what how will they know." Most of these e-mail clients will look at your unsubscribe rates. If you are consistently having people unsubscribe from your e-mails, your account can be suspended or even removed.



People don't like spam. If you are constantly annoying people with your email, do you think they are ever going to buy from you when they do need your product? Probably not. Local businesses can really suffer from this, so don't do it!


Remember, email is personal to people. Think of it as Facebook messaging them every time you send an e-mail. If they are uninterested in your product or service, they would most likely report you as spam. But high quality recipients that know who you are and want to learn more from you are excited when you send them emails.

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