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White paper PDF's are a great resource to help build your brand, increase SEO, and educate your customers

Educational PDF's to help real estate agents

In this project I designed 5 white paper PDF's for Pat Zaby. These books were designed to educate the consumer on several aspects of homeownership and selling and buying a home. These are very good resources for companies to provide to their customers. It shows that you are invested in your customers and willing to help them outside of just getting their money for a good or service. This content all started out in a word document format and I created a visually informative piece for the customer. This also reflects the brand and business as being professional and educated on the topic. 

I have provided an example of one of the books below. Due to privacy and the rights the client has for their project, I am going providing you only one quick sample of the white paper books below. 

Buyers Guide
Home Inventory
Moving Guide
Sellers Guide
Tax Guide

Moving Guide Sample - Viewing Use Only

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