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Various Print Ads

Print Ads, Flyers, Newspaper Ads, Banner Ads, Vinyl Banner Design, Graphic Design, Brochures, Catalogs.


Social Ads / Posts

Social Media Ads, Facebook Posts, Content Generation

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Banking Video

Videos Production, Banking Videos,  Video Editing,  Banking Commercial, Voice Overs, Video Ads, Youtube Ads


Vantage Pointe Archery

Complete rebrand project from the ground up. I created a new logo, color palette, product packaging, website, and coordinated the brand across all internal administrative documents. 

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Medical Commercials

Videos Production, Medical Commercials, Medical Videos, Video Editing, Voice Overs, Video Ads

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SEO Optimization

North Eastern Realty Group,

SEO Website Optimization, Web Development


White Paper PDFs

White Papers, Real Estate, Digital Content

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Shindigz Videos

Videos Production, Ecommerce Videos,  Video Editing, Voice Overs, Video Ads, Youtube Ads

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