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Vantage Pointe Archery

Complete rebrand project from the ground up. I created a new logo, color palette, product packaging, website, and coordinated the brand across all internal administrative documents. 

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Medical Commercials

Videos Production, Medical Commercials, Medical Videos, Video Editing, Voice Overs, Video Ads


Various Print Ads

Print Ads, Flyers, Newspaper Ads, Banner Ads, Vinyl Banner Design, Graphic Design, Brochures, Catalogs.


White Paper PDFs

White Papers, Real Estate, Digital Content

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Shindigz Videos

Videos Production, Ecommerce Videos,  Video Editing, Voice Overs, Video Ads, Youtube Ads

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SEO Optimization

North Eastern Realty Group,

SEO Website Optimization, Web Development


Social Ads / Posts

Social Media Ads, Facebook Posts, Content Generation

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Banking Video

Videos Production, Banking Videos,  Video Editing,  Banking Commercial, Voice Overs, Video Ads, Youtube Ads

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