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Which one are you?

I've starred the ones I am working on myself. (Dang I got a lot to work on!)

Listening truly does take patience, and humility. Not trying to always solve the problem, but being empathetic and silencing your mind. Just knowing which ones I struggle with has been a big help. So when the next conversation pops up, I can be aware of what I am tempted to do and either do the opposite or stop what I am most prone to do.

*1.) Mind Reading - Trying to know what the other is saying

*2.) Rehearsing - Listening to your own thoughts and thinking how you'll respond.

*3.) Filtering - Only hearing what you want and blocking out any negative, unimportant, unrelative, or uncomfortable things.

*4.) Day Dreaming - Spacing out, fantasizing

*5.) Advising - "I would do it differently..." "Here's how I would do it..."

6.) Judging - Analyzing and thinking they are wrong

7.) Condescending - One upping others. Responding with a similar or better story. "Oh yea I've done that before..."


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