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Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you get it right.

Have you ever been so passionate about something but feared doing it because you were not very good at it? Maybe you thought you'd feel embarrassed or unwanted from those that have that skill nailed down already.

One example personally, is I love to play the drums, but in the beginning it was very hard to want to play around others because I was not good. Especially since I started playing when I was like 28. Drums are already loud, who wants to hear something loud, offbeat, and from somebody's Dad? Regardless, I knew music was something I was passionate about and my goal was to eventually share this talent with my church. So, I kept practicing (poorly), annoyed several people, but eventually got it right. I'm by all means no expert, but I made it past the beginning phase and now feel comfortable playing in front of others. It's the best feeling in the world!

Don't let fear stop you from doing something you yearn for. Every successful musician, singer, film director, doctor, business professional, and hairdresser started out doing their skill set poorly. Through persistence and many failures they grew to find their own style in an area they were passionate about.

Your talents are a gift from God that he gave to you to fully develop so that you could share with the world.


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