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Speaker: ROI Revolution Conference

Gaylord Palm Springs Resort

It was such an honor to speak back in March at the 2017 ROI Revolution conference down in Orlando, FL. Some of the key points I talked about were, what I like to call, The 4 P's of marketing. The 4 P's of marketing are critical for any person looking to be a successful marketer.

So what are the 4 P's?





As a marketer if we can tackle those 4 areas (notice how 3/4 are mental) then we can become successful marketers.

Some of the other content I talked about was how to create good content. Creating content is easy and algorithmic in a sense. Creating good, helpful content takes time, energy and all the 4 P's above. I like to call it heuristic content. In other words, content fully created out of the passion and interests from the author ( or marketer) themselves.

Additionally I spoke on looking at analytics in a way that is not so overwhelming. Stay focused on top-level KPI's and drilled down only when necessary. Focusing in the weeds everyday is not going to grow the business. In addition, constantly testing everything all the time is not going to grow the business either. TEST > EVALUATE > OPTIMIZE. We should not be constantly testing, or we will never have fully optimized content for our customers.

Thank you for those who were able to attend, if you were not able to attend I will be posting blog articles that focus on these areas.

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