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The Importance of Good Habits

Our personalities are a composite of our attitudes, habits and appearance. Our habits become who we are. I don't think there has ever been enough emphasis placed on good habits. We are taught to avoid bad habits such as smoking, drugs, cursing, laziness, etc. I'm glad there is a strong focus placed on those, however, there needs to be a strong emphasis on the importance of good habits as well.

Most of our habits start out as a single thread we barely notice... ...Then our habit turns into a small cord ...Eventually a rope ...Before long it's a metal cable ...Soon it becomes so strong it's a part of us.. It defines us. At this point your brain has lost control and your body has created a muscle memory of your habit. This is great news if it's a good habit. Not so good if it's a bad one.

All of our habits are acquired, we're not born with them. Which means we can change. What are the repetitious behaviors in your life? Are they good things or bad? Do you have a habit of always turning in tasks late? Do you have a habit of never talking to someone until 3 cups of coffee? Are you always irritable when you get home from work? Change your habits and you change yourself. Repetition and discipline will get you there.

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