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Having unique goals, high expectations for yourself, and big dreams can look odd to others that are just living their life day-to-day. Those simply going day-to-day living their life 8-5 and in a full automated routine are referred to as living the "common life".

When you tell others your goals or what you want to get out of life... don't expect them to understand it. Anticipate those around you to be negative and confused as to why you think you can do something that big in your life.


"You say you want to write book someday?!" You can't do that, you never went to school for journalism or writing!"

"You want to be a doctor? You don't have the money to do that."


"Yes I can and I will. You don't have to support me... but don't drag me down. This is my dream and life and I'm not gonna let anyone take that away from me"


Don't be afraid to be uncommon and follow God's will for your life. Take some time to think deep and hard what that goal is in your life. What do you see your life looking like. Now plan what you need to do to get there.

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