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A lot of people want to think that a new car, bigger home, or better clothes will bring more happiness. And it may temporarily, but those external tangible things always lead to discontentment. I once heard a well-known speaker say "If you put the old-you in the new car, you're going to get the same old results." The power of the mind is incredible. You can change out your car, your house, your wardrobe, your spouse, and still get the same experience. If you change your mind you'll change your life.

If you think buying stuff is going to make you content and happy you will be riding that Ferris wheel for a long time. Become content with yourself through positive self talk, reading, and surrounding yourself with knowledgeable, supportive people. If you can get to the end of your life and say you've lived it to its fullest potential, you should be proud. Imagine getting to 85 years old and looking back to say " I spent my time very wisely, did the best I could to become the best version of myself, and used my knowledge to help several people in my life." What else could you ask for? It's better than being 85 years old and saying "Man everyone else got so successful and I didn't. I wish I would have done..."

You determine what your fullest potential is...not someone else. Become fearful of regret and use that to drive yourself to do what you love! Do not compare yourself to others. Don't worry about where others may be in their life, focus on appreciating what you've achieved so far. It doesn't matter where others are or what they are doing. It only matters what you are doing with your talents, treasures and time.

With that said, contentment does not mean to stay where you are and to not have goals, aspirations and dreams of your own. It solely means you are content with your current circumstances and you are focused on your future aspirations without being influenced negatively by outsiders. Don't let others determine what your future looks like. Being content also means you're not envious of what others have or what they've achieved. Be excited for others accomplishments and where they are in their journey. If we are envious and secretly angry towards someone else's success, then that only does harm to ourselves and ultimately de-motivates us to grow.


Because marketing is constantly evolving, it can be very intimidating and defeating trying to stay up on the latest techniques, recommended guidelines, and education. Don't let all that stuff discourage you or take away from any of your drive. Be proud and confident in what you're doing, everything you've learned along the way and what you've done as a marketer thus far. Always look forward as to how you can better your marketing and invent new ways to attract new customers. Better messaging, better design, better social strategy, better channel strategy, better partnerships, more influencers, etc.

So if I am always discontent how will I be content and satisfied with my achievements? Celebrate along the way! Reward yourself for the milestones and goals you've hit. They say marathon runners frequently feel a sense of depression after their race is done because everything they trained for is over. They now question "what do I do now?". Well did they celebrate their small victories along the way? Training alone for a marathon is an achievement of its own. So make sure you celebrate the small victories. All that discontentment in your marketing is what fuels you to try new things and to work harder than anyone else. Use your discontentment to stir your creativity and you will be content with the outcome. You can be discontent with your marketing and content in your heart by knowing you had a goal, that you gave your best effort to achieve, and you learned a lot along the way.


Overall, it's important to try to be content with where you are in life for several reasons. I'm not saying it's easy or that you're not going to fail along the way. All I'm saying is that this small piece of advice is how we can prevent future feelings of regret, disappointment and unfulfillment. Immediately after you're done reading this article take 5-10 minutes and really think about what you're doing with your life. Is it what you want? If it is, great! Continue being the best you can at that thing and never let anyone disrupt your passion. If you're not doing what you feel you were created to do, take the risk now to do what you are passionate about. Seriously go do it! What's it going to hurt? Did you know that you can still fail at things you don't like doing? If that's the case you might as well fail at something you like doing. Don't live someone else's life, live your own life being content in your heart and using your thoughts of discontentment to drive your life aspirations and your marketing goals.

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